About The Authors
Luke Matthews is pretty much your average middle-aged man apart from feeling his only child was effectively ‘stolen’ from him through no fault of his own. He now lives happily with his second wife Lena in London, but regrettably he has not seen the child he had with his first wife in over ten years, despite his laudable attempts to stay in contact. In this fictionalised account he shares his experiences of Parental Alienation and reflects on the emotional torment, desperation and frustration an ‘Alienated Parent’ goes through. He personally knows what it is like to be falsely accused of child abuse, to be unjustifiably treated like a criminal by so-called ‘family-friendly’ organisations, to suffer the apparent futility of the family courts and ultimately lose a child to an estranged ex-partner. Importantly he describes how he managed to get through his own awful plight and how he continues to deal with the situation to provide hope and guidance to others who could easily find themselves in similar horrendous circumstances.
Julie Burkhardt has spent the past thirty years specialising in working with people who have learning disabilities and during that time has helped set up an ‘anti-bullying of children’ organisation. She has worked with all age groups and has a keen interest in behavioural and emotional patterns exhibited. She is also the mother of three grown-up sons. Following a traumatic break-up with their father over ten years ago, she now lives happily with her second husband. As well as her own experience of marriage and family breakdown, she has witnessed the collapse of close friends’ relationships. She has observed how parents and children can be affected, focusing particular attention on how children can retaliate to the actions of their parents. Her experiences compelled her to co-author Can’t Explain, which explores the subject Parental Alienation Syndrome. Looking back on her first marriage she bravely admits she may have unwittingly played a part in Parental Alienation herself.